Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Case Study – First Affiliate Sale!

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

One day after the solo ads were sent out, I have just made the 1st Affiliate sale as a direct result of this case study. First of all, take a look at the screenshot below which shows the Aweber stats for this new list I am building. Out of the 140 clicks that I purchased through Safe-Swaps with these two solo ad runs, I have a confirmed 32 subscribers! That is 32 people who..

  • Opened the email sent to them from my solo ad
  • Clicked on the link in that email to take them to my squeeze page
  • Read my squeeze page and filled in the optin form to get my free giveaway
  • Liked what they saw and stayed on my list..

That is a conversion rate of 22% which I think you will agree, are pretty amazing results! Big Smile

Now for the slightly exciting part, I have made an affiliate sale on the back of this case study to the WSO I was promoting. The way that Warrior+ works is you only get paid 100% of the sale for every 2 or 3 sales (depending on the commission rate of the WSO) so no payment yet but a sale none the less. Take a look below..

I am sure you will agree, 5.6% is a pretty good conversion ratio as well! The next affiliate sale I make will mean I get paid 100% of the sale price.


I could declare that this case study has already been a success and proved that it is possible to build a responsive list using solo ads but it is still very early days. I will book some more solo ads and when the list is big enough, I will conduct some Ad swaps as well.. Good stuff so far though!

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