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Day 2 – Squeeze Page & Creating the Free Report

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

I spent about an hour last night going through the WSO I purchased called Easy Product Creation by Michael Young and found it to be a very worthy resource on creating your own product and selling it in super quick time. I am happy to promote it and use it to build my new list.

The squeeze page is basically the whole focus of my work here as it is my opportunity to persuade visitors to sign up to my list. The best place to start is to look at the WSO sales page and look at the bullet points on there. I can simply copy and paste them or use my own skills and experience to create some compelling bullet points.

In this case the product is about creating and selling a product in just a few hours and that is it’s USP (unique selling point). This particular sales page does not have any bullets so I will have to create my own. The main points I see are..

  • Create your own profit pulling product in just 3 hours!
  • Potentially earn over $30,000 within just 2 weeks from just one product!
  • Your customers will be rabidly demanding more products from you…

From these bullet points I need to come up with a catchy headline for the squeeze page. Once again I could just copy and paste the sales page headline for the WSO but as this is my pre sales squeeze page designed mainly for sign ups, I will use my own creativity, something like… “Do You Want to Sell Your Own Products and Make Thousands of Bucks Easily?” With a sub-headline of something like.. “The Super Simple Profit Pulling Product Creation Formula..”

That is basically the content for my squeeze page sorted and now I will need to buy a domain, host it and then create a wordpress installation using Profits Theme. If you want to see how to do this, I have created some basic tutorials on each of these here.

For the domain name, I just need something relevant to the list I will be building. I buy my domains from GoDaddy because they tend to be cheap and often have some great deals on domains. At the time of writing this I just purchased a .com with a free .info all for under $5!

I am now going to write a quick report to be used as a giveaway. This might appear scarey to some people but the best approach is just to think of it as a warm up to the WSO sales page. I am going to write just 5 or 6 pages which will give a basic outline of the main product obviously with my affiliate links spread liberally within the content.

That should be enough for today, I have got other jobs to be getting on with..

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