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Day 1 – Getting Started

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

The first step for me is to open an account with safe swaps and go through the quick start guide. I will then come back later once I have completed some other steps.

The most important step for today is to set up a squeeze page to capture leads from the initial solo ads campaign. Before I begin this I need to decide on what I am going to offer on the squeeze page. I could go about this one of a few ways.

  • Offer a freebie report in exchange for their subscription.
  • Entice them with some pre sales copy to an affiliate offer in exchange for their subscription.
  • A combination of freebie and affiliate offer.

Obviously it would be a lot easier to get sign ups by offering a free report. The objective though is to build a responsive list, so I will go for the third option and try and entice them with a free report which will basically be a simple 5 page pdf with just enough detail to get them excited for the affiliate offer.

To create the squeeze page there is only one tool for me and that is the most excellent profits theme. There are other paid and free options for creating squeeze pages but nothing beats the simplicity, flexibility and quality offered by the Profits Theme from Welly Mulia.

I will need to find a good offer to promote and I could go with Clickbank for this but I think I will use Warrior-plus to find a decent WSO to promote. When looking for an offer to promote I like to find fairly recent WSO’s that are already quite successful. It could be as simple as looking at Mike Lantz’s WSO of the day but I like to dig a bit deeper.

First off, I sort the affiliate offers by number of sales.. I like to look for fairly recent WSO’s that havent been bumped many times with over 100 sales and a low refund rate. I also look for low cost items (under $20) as these tend to be easier to sell.

When I find an offer I like, I just request to be an affiliate and wait for the approval.

The squeeze page is basically going to consist of just a simple catchy headline followed by a couple of paragraphs of pre sales pitch and some bullet points. The best way of doing this as always is to buy the product myself and then create my own sales pitch which is what I am going to do now.

That will be enough for today, once I have purchased and gone through the product I am going to offer, I will continue tomorrow with getting the squeeze page online.

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