Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Day 3 – Solo Ads

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

Okay, so last night I created the free report as my offer for the squeeze page which is laced with links to the WSO I am promoting. It took me just over an hour to create the short report and you can take a look at it here. Feel free to give it away to your friends or your own mailing list if you wish.

It is now time to get the squeeze page online, set up the delivery of the free report and then buy some Solo Ads on Safe Swaps..

I will also need to set up an Aweber mailing list to capture all my fresh new leads and this is going to be my first step for today.

When setting up the mailing list on Aweber, I just make sure that I point the “Success Page” to lead to the free download held on my server.

Profits theme has some superb membership functionality including protecting your downloads. As this is a freebie, I am happy for people to download and I am not overly worried about protecting the file but I still make use of Profits theme excellent file protection.

The system is pretty much ready, the squeeze page is completed as you can see..

When visitors subscribe using the optin on the squeeze page they will be taken directly to the free download (after confirming). Now, I am ready to use Safe-Swaps to buy some solo ads and start building my list and hopefully make some money.

Using Safe Swaps

The first thing I have to do is create the swipe (advert) for the solo ad that I am buying.

The simple principle here is to only buy solo ads from people who have a good rating, plenty of thumbs up and good quality traffic. Thankfully, Safe Swaps sort the sellers from the best to worst so it is an easy task to choose the best list to buy.

The only downside is that you can only schedule the ad a week in advance so there is a bit of a wait involved here before any results will come in. I will purchase 140 clicks initially from 2 different list owners and report back when the first solo ad gets delivered.

Cost so far = $0
Income so far = $0
List Size so far = 0

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  1. Hi Derrick,I started using safe swaps a few weeks ago and have got my sttendus to sign up..It is a great place for newbies to increase there list size fast.A few thing need to be added like the facility to do 2 ad swaps a day am and pm and have that tracked.Also if your using a mac they have a few issues trying to book using the calendar.But as you say once you start to use the service you wont leave you get hooked it saves so much time and so easy to swap Thanks Mark Terrell

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