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Early Feedback From First Solo Ad Run

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

My first solo ads from Safe-Swaps has run this morning. I just noticed that I didn’t pay enough attention to the time it was sent out, as it is the middle of the night in most of the U.S. That is a bit of a school boy error, I would have have done better to time it for around lunch time Eastern time. Not to worry, here is a screenshot from Safe-Swaps of the ads progress so far..

As you can see, out of 140 clicks ordered, I have received 46 so far to my squeeze page.

So, lets see what has happened so far (this is very early feedback btw)…


The amount of signups to my list so far has been slightly encouraging. Remember, I have had 46 people look at my squeeze page and so far 37 have filled in the optin form which on the face of it is brilliant but it doesn’t tell the whole picture as you can see in the following screenshot.

As you can see, there are 21 confirmed optins and 16 yet to confirm the subscription. More disappointingly (but somewhat expected) 6 of those confirmed optins have since stopped their subscription. This gives a grand total of 15 confirmed optins who have downloaded the freebie report and are still subscribed happy to receive more mail from me. That means out of 46 click from Safe-Swaps, 15 are confirmed optins. That is a conversion rate of nearly 33%… Not too shabby!

Of course the acid test for my new list is just how responsive and ultimately profitable they are. I think it is far too early to test that but here are some initial reactions from the people on my new list to the affiliate offers in the freebie report.

If you look at the screenshot above this is my tracking software which shows I have had a couple of clicks through to the WSO I am promoting and 1 to the profits theme.

Profits Theme

As you can see from the screenshot below, I have had 1 click on the profits theme affiliate link but no sale..

Michael Young’s WSO

I have had two clicks through to the WSO but the WSO pro site is saying 3 hops and no sales yet..


I would say in these early stages that the results are so far quite encouraging. The good news for me is that their are clicks going through my affiliate links from my pdf which proves to me that the sign ups are on the whole genuine! This is the biggest worry about using solo ads and so I am happy to report that these really are Trueclicks so far.

Name Date Income Expense Confirmed Optins Conversion Rate Profit/Loss
Safe Swaps 7th August $0 $65 15 33% -$65

Stay tuned for more news soon…

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