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Is it Possible to Build a Profitable List Using Solo Ads?

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Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

The objective of this case study is to see how effective and ultimately profitable it is to build a list in the Internet Marketing sector using just solo ads and ad swaps.


You may have heard many people talk about the “the money being in the list” and perhaps not quite understood what this means. This refers to having a mailing list of people who have volunteered their email addresses in exchange for something. It could be for a regular newsletter, an ebook giveaway, a free course, a snippet of information. It could be anything but the important thing is, they have openly subscribed to a mailing list in exchange for some offer.

The best sort of mailing list is a list full of buyers as opposed to freebie hunters. This is where the phrase “the money is in the list” comes from. By sending regular promotions to a responsive mailing list, it is possible to make some good money. Of course the hard part is getting a list that is responsive and eager to buy the promotions you send them.

The best thing about a good list is that if you look after them, they will buy your promotions again and again a long time into the future.

Solo Ads

A solo ad refers to purchasing access to someone else’s mailing list and sending that list an advert with your own promotion. For example, you might have an ebook, a course or just an affiliate squeeze page you want to promote. The idea is to buy this access to a responsive list and in turn have them sign up to your list via your ad swap.

Ad Swaps

An Ad swap refers to the situation where you already have a mailing list and you can swap that list with somebody else who has a list. In essence, you are writing an advert for someone else’s list in exchange for that person writing an advert for your list.

Building Your List

The whole point of solo ads and ad swaps is to build a big and hopefully responsive list.

The Dangers

The biggest danger with ad swaps and solo ads is that you could potentially be paying for ads to lists that are just pure junk. This does happen and worst of all you could be giving access to your quality list for effectively no return. The best way to avoid this is to use  a service geared up to look for these sorts of scams. The best of the bunch has to be Safe Swaps as they know the score with regard to this and have safeguards in place.

For the purpose of this case study I shall be making use of their service.

Safe Swaps is a paid monthly service if you use ad swaps buy you can buy solo ads as a guest. I hope you shall see through this case study whether the investment of $30 per month is worth it.

The Case Study

This case study is going to begin with a brand new list with zero subscribers and by purchasing solo ads first I am hoping to build that list up. Once that list has around 300 subscribers, I am going to conduct some ad swaps with other big list owners to grow my list further.

Along the way I am going to be testing the responsiveness of this new growing list by sending regular promotions and recording the sales for you to see.

Ultimately a big list is useless if they do not buy anything and I want to see how effective ad swaps and solo ads are at generating a list of buyers.

I will be detailing how much I spend and how much I earn as a result and then we can see what sort of profit margin can be achieved using this method.

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