Sunday , May 19 2019
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Safe Swaps Case Study Update

Safe Swaps Case Study Update

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

I have just finished another run of safe swaps solo ads. In this case I purchased from 2 different vendors and purchased 100 clicks from each of them, so 200 clicks altogether.

Out of the 200 clicks received, exactly 60 people decided to subscribe to my list to get the freebie giveaway. Which is an incredible conversion rate on the face of it.. However, I am still waiting for 26 of those to confirm. I have also just realized that I have made a bit of a glaring error in my sales funnel which would describe the low number of people clicking on the confirmation email. After they enter their detail into the optin form and click on submit, they are taken directly to the download!! Therefore, there is no incentive for them to click on the confirmation link.. Big mistake, but I guess you could look at it that the people that do confirm are definitely interested in receiving more from me.


Aweber Subscribers

As you can see from the screenshot above, I now have 65 confirmed subscribers to my list on Aweber. I will keep going until I get to 300 subscribers before I start entering into some list swaps which is where the fun will begin! I will also keep sending useful mailings to the subscribers I have in the mean time. I have not sent them any more offers yet but I will soon.

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