Tuesday , June 25 2019
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Yet More Solo Ads

Case Study – Building a List Using Safe Swaps

Just a quick update on the safe swaps case study..

  • I have just purchased 2 more solo ads from 2 different sellers on Safe Swaps, they are due to go live on 30th August and then again on the 1st September.
  • I have been sending my new list a regular newsletter but have yet to send them a new offer yet. So far, my Aweber stats show that there is a high open rate from this list and a reasonably high click through rate as well which is encouraging. When I tempt them with an offer it will be interesting to see how responsive they are to it.

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  1. Hmmm, I’ve seen another person comment about purchasing solo ads from Safe Swaps and had a really good response from the purchase. Thinking I may have to look into this as well. Looking forward to seeing your results.

    • Derrick, I have a membership site which I will be lahniucng as soon as I have developed a good strategy for this and have some authentically aligned JV partners in place. I’ve spent the last year developing my dream into a reality and the site is now live but not fully stocked with material yet so I currently only have the FREE Member area live. I’ll open up the paid membership areas on launch day when I have all the content in place and everything is 100%.What would be your best advice on setting up this launch so I reach my target audience? My site is for budding entrepreneurs and covers both My New Business ans My Self Growth, both areas I am passionate about supporting, coaching, and empowering others in. I can niche down into pretty much any area I wish to target at one time so niche-ing isn’t my big problem. I do understand the value of being an affiliate, and will be promoting many products this way in my store , but only those which are in alignment with my offering and for only those who are not in the business of selling pretty much anything they can get heir hands on. I’m just not sure how to approach people with large lists of people who would benefit from my site, and who would gain by me promoting their business and programs to my list as it grows. What do you suggest? Warmest regards from the other side of the pond!Lyn

  2. Kaz, how quickly you build your list is deeendpnt on several factors like the conversion rate of your offer and the how responsive the subscribers are.All things being equal, the bigger your list, the faster it grows.If you have 100 people on your list and you swap with someone who has 100 people, you could add 10 new subscribers to your list. But if you have 1,000 people on your list, you could add 100 new subscribers. And when you have 10,000, you could ad 1,000.So it will start out slow and then grow faster over time.Derrick

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